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This passing year was literally the best one ever. Check out the 12 most popular posts of 2012!

(based on tumblr notes count)

#12 Semi mental senti mental (13,511 notes)

#11 Not knowing what to do with your life is a great thing to do with your life (13,359 notes)

#10 Love is a drug and everyone’s a junkie (22,353 notes)

#9 The only thing worse than not being able to find happiness is to find it and throw it away (29,000 notes)

#8 You get what you fucking give (39,963 notes)

#7 Everything you’re running away from is in your head (56,493 notes)

#6 Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from

the negative shit
 (58,362 notes)

#5 What doesn’t kill you fucks you up mentally (74,087 notes)

#4 Good things come to those who wait. or those who are willing to get up and get shit done (74,395 notes)

#3 Find a way or fade away (93,051 notes)

#2 A change may be just around the corner (162,349 notes)

#1 If you don’t mean what you say - shut the fuck up (196,244 notes)

Thanks for all the <3’s and reblogs, shares and tweets - and here’s to an even better 2013!